Monday, February 26, 2007

Oidhreacht an Chláir

Oidhreacht an Chláir, the Clare College for Traditional Studies, now has a CD shop. Check it out!

Closer to Columbus, OH, those who like their Irish music without U2 covers or Michael Flatley would do well to see The Kells at a private house concert this coming Friday 9 March. My teacher will be playing the flute, whistle, and pipes.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Vermont Considers Tin Whistle Ban

...while driving, anyway.

The dangers of playing the whistle while driving are well-documented. But Vermont may actually ban it:

Put down the flute and keep your eyes on the road.
Vermont lawmakers are considering a measure that would ban eating, drinking, smoking, reading, writing, personal grooming, playing an instrument, “interacting with pets or cargo,” talking on a cell phone or using any other personal communication device while driving. The punishment: a fine of up to $600.
He said his wife recently saw a driver playing the flute, which led him to include the instrument ban in his bill.