Friday, September 23, 2005

Recordings: New CTL Next Week!

When I reviewed Cherish the Ladies's show at the 2005 Dublin Irish Festival a while back, I raved about their new vocalist (and bodhrán player), Heidi Talbot. Unfortunately, the only CTL CD she's appeared on thus far has been On Christmas Night, and I've had a permanent nervous reaction to Christmas Carols due to overexposure to Muzak when I worked in a grocery store in high school (the drugs and therapy have helped quite a bit, thank you).

So it's wonderful to see that CTL has a new album, Woman of the House, due out 27 September which features Ms. Talbot and is Irish / Celtic music from start to finish. You can hear samples from every track on the album today on the linked Amazon page. It would probably be premature to call this the best CTL release ever before I can hear the entire CD instead of just excerpts from each track. But it's really good!

[It's a dollar cheaper to buy the CD directly from the record label, but the label really kills you on the shipping charge, whereas you can get free or cheap shipping from Amazon, depending on how much you buy. But take your pick.]

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