Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Practice: Hard Wired Foot

Changing how I tap my foot turns out to be extremely difficult! It's hard to think about that and whistle at the same time, so I've been doing it while humming or listening to CDs. I also worked on this when I went to my local session last week (at least, when I wasn't playing). Someone later told me that I looked like I was really concentrating....

I can sorta do it for the first part of the only reel I know right now (my session seems to lean heavily towards jigs and hornpipes, so that's mostly what I've been learning) but I have to think about it a lot. I haven't begun to deal with the issue which caused me to need to do this, which is getting the swing of a reel right. I think I need to wait until the toe-tapping comes as naturally as it used to before I can do that.

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