Friday, December 01, 2006

Whistle This!

I've been quietly following Whistle This! for a while, and now I've gone and uploaded a tune. I really like the idea of the site; sharing tunes is fundamentally more interesting to me than talking about them. So even though I'm quite new to the instrument I'll be uploading more tunes in the future and listening carefully to what others post there.


Scott Turner said...

Nice job! To my ear it is better than most of the versions posted there. You play the whole tune without tonguing, which sounds very good on this sort of Carolan tune. I know there was some suggestion to tongue on the Whistle This site, but you're better off learning to play well without tonguing.

Your cuts are very nice although you have to be careful not to overdo the poor man's roll (note-cut-note-cut-note) because it starts to sound repetitious. (Sounded to me like you did throw in one real roll.) You're a little bit screetchy up on the highest notes. I find that even on the whistle, you can use embouchure to narrow the air stream and get a sweeter tone on those upper notes, but it's mostly a matter of luck and practice. Having a good whistle helps, too.

One thing about posting a recording is that you can just sit there and play the tune a few times through, and then cut out the best "take", although I'm like you in that I get nervous knowing that someone will be listening to it. I usually think of that about halfway through the tune :-)

Craig said...

Thanks very much for your comments. :)

chih said...

that was an awesome recording! i'd never be able to pull off much tunes on the shrillness of my playing gets to me.

are you heading towards the flute? am making attempts to convert here ;)

and i know what you mean about stage fright. though sessions are public places, i feel comforted by the fact i'm not gazing at drunk punters. there's been too many of them on our monday nights.

Craig said...

Chih, I've owned a Casey Burns folk flute for almost exactly one year now. It's a different instrument which happens to have fairly similar fingerings to the whistle. But I really love both the wooden flute in general and the amazing piece of timber that Casey Burns sells for entirely too little money. Some people seem to think that cheap flutes hold them back, whereas I think that in maybe ten years I'll be able to understand the full potential of this instrument. I'll post a recording when I manage to get one which isn't too embarrassing.

Thanks for your comments!