Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Technique: Blowing Low D

When I started to play the whistle I could play notes in the first octave easily but had difficulty consistently hitting notes in the second octave. Then I learned how to control my overblowing well enough that I could hit at least the first half of the second octave consistently, but soon found I had the opposite problem: It was difficult for me to return to the bottom half of the first octave, especially D and E, after playing long passages at the top of the staff.

Then I read a tip on the web somewhere -- and I can't find the link, or I would give credit -- which helped tremendously. It's just a small conceptual shift, but it made a world of difference to me. When playing low D and E, exhale rather than blow.

I don't think I've missed either note once since I read that.


notsuretwo said...

great tip. That actually made me become aware of diaphram control.....instant improvement

lucas!!! said...

Dude, seriously, THANK YOU!!
Was constantly blowing the first and second as the same octave because I couldn't controll my breathing and thought the 3th octave was the second octave =/ simple trick, but sooo usefull!