Thursday, May 12, 2005

WWW: RSS Feeds for Whistlers

I just discovered that The Session has several RSS feeds available. Go here and search the page for "feeds" for a list. This is a nice service for folks who want to keep on top of the latest tune transcriptions and links.

For those unaware of RSS, it's a way to make reading web sites much more efficient and convenient. Instead of going to various sites to look for interesting new articles you subscribe to feeds and new articles are delivered to you via a program called an RSS aggregator. My personal favorite is Bloglines which is free and web-based, so you can read your subscriptions from any computer, without needing special software.

Other whistling-related RSS feeds include the latest messages on the Chiff and Fipple message boards and the Atom feed for this site. Atom is an alternative to RSS which most RSS aggregators understand.

Know of any whistling-related sites with feeds which I haven't listed here? Leave a comment, please.

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